Initial Consultation 

This will always done at your house and very informal to start with, essentially the very first steps on our journey together. Primarily the idea of this consultation is to get an understanding of the space, your ideas, style and budget. Using previous case studies we can conduct a simple feasibility review of your property, offering budget, planning and general advice. After our initial consultation we will respond within 14 days with our proposal.

Concept drawings

Once you’ve accepted our proposal in principle, it would then be down to our design team to produce concept design and sketches. This is where we really start working together as one collaboratively, it’s at this point we really start to explore all the options to create something that is just right for you. Our strong understanding of structure and space often proves very helpful during this stage before we start to drill down into the details. More often than not we usually require a second visit at this stage to conduct a survey of your property.

Design development 

This is where we really go into detail and finalise the design. Once the concept has been approved, the layout and plan in optimised. Why not make the most of our partnership programme with a choice of kitchen companies, where we can offer fantastic discounts on all cabinetry, appliances and worktops unique to Integrate Design and Build. In addition, it is at this point that we can work together to choose finishes, materials, fixtures and fittings.

Planning and building regulations

We’ll take the hassle out of planning applications for you and submit all the detailed plans and paperwork to your local council, liaising with the council every step of the way and only contacting you should any amendments need to be made.

Depending on the complexity and individuality of your project we will assess whether you require building control approval and submit the relevant plans and paperwork where necessary. 

Project management is where our designs get successfully transformed into reality and arguably is the most critical process throughout the journey. You will be assigned a project manager who will take care of the project for you. Primarily that person will be your first point of contact, however, every project is as equally as important to us, so there will always be someone on hand to answer any questions your might have. Every two weeks we will hold an onsite meeting where we discuss our bi-monthly valuations and progress. This forms an ideal platform to discuss the project.

The project management package will include;
i. Schedule of Works
ii. Budget
iii. Gantt chart
iv. Health and Safety file

The key to every project moving successfully is in the preparation, planning and scheduling, so not until everything has been considered will the first shovel goes into the ground. It is our policy to get it right first time so we put a lot of emphasis on quality. We ensure this by our quality management system, but also have assurance in our partnership program, where ultimately from the youngest apprentice, right up to managing director everyone involved has an invested interest to get it right. We feel that our approach is completely unique and instrumental to building a successful, sustainable and thriving Design and Build Company. Integrate Design and Build are leading the way for others to follow.

Your well-being… taking care of you

We recognise that building work can be disruptive, so looking after your wellbeing is another reasons that sets Integrate Design and Build aside from the rest. We see it as our duty to make sure that you feel considered and understood throughout the process. We feel that this is our journey together so it is important that you have your say, during the construction phase. We often feel it is good to sometimes go out for a coffee together and talk things over, or if you’re still living in the property getting a cleaning firm in to give the place a once over mid build just to help lift spirits.

Sign off

Once we’ve completed everything within our Scope of Works, collectively we will sign off the project and essentially this is where our journey ends. Ultimately we won’t be planning on coming back to fix any issues, but sometimes this is unavoidable. But just because we’ve finished the project we would like to check in on occasion to find how you’re enjoying the space and any recommendations you might have so that we can be constantly looking to improve on our design and build service.


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